Jagdamba brass band

Brass bands today belong to the Indian tradition. They accompany events such as national or religious celebrations, popular festivals and also life events such as weddings. In India, no marriage, without a brass band!"
no has never enjoyed the frenzy of a brass band?

herited from the old British Empire, the brass bands belong now to the tradition in India and appeal to their audience as everywhere else, whatever the circumstances are: national or religious celebrations, popular festivals or life events such as weddings.
In India, no marriage without a brass band! Brass Band is an authentic Indian brass band, from the Pink City of Rajasthan: Jaipur, at the borders of the Thar Desert, where traditions are still deeply rooted.

The melodies and songs are developed with much refinement, featuring virtuoso solos and dazzling improvisations on the clarinet and trumpet. The percussionists elaborate their fast and spontaneous playing with the sophisticated rhythms of India, providing counterpoint to the Gypsy danseuse.

Brass Band, by traveling all over the world, realizes more and more, that its music belongs to the worldwide heritage of brass bands, but also each country and even each brass band, either military or entertaining, has its own inspiration. Brass Band's music has strong origins such as English roots, Gypsy influences as this band comes from Rajasthan, North Indian musical structures and basis. It is very joyful and playful, as the musicians are used to playing at the special times of happiness in India. They are demonstrative enough to share this message to the international audiences.

To looking forward to the gigs in the UK, with its large Indian population, "It will be a great pleasure for Jaipur Brass Band to perform in front of the Indian community in the UK.
They will not only enjoy the music and the show, but also -the meaning of some very old famous Bollywood music and the culture itself. The mutual exchanges will be much immediate and closer. We are hopeful that the audience will enjoy the performance and feel the real Indian feast."

Organizer : Purannath sapera & Party
Regd No. 860
Jagdamba Brass band is a unit of "The Desert gypsies Group".

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