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imageChampa Purannath Sapera & party : The well known rajasthani dance troops based in the pink city Jaipur
(India). Traditional folk dance organizer & Rajasthani folk music show. Organize dance show like Kalbeliya dance, Chari Nritya(dance), Bhawai Nritya (dance), Agni Nirtya(dance), Peacock dance etc. The troop is well known by the name "The Desert Gypsies group". The Troops has performed in many International & National Festival,
Show e.g. :-
International folkfair - Rovaniemi Finland (20-29.06.2008)
16 international Bagpipe Festival-Strakonice Czech Republic(21-24.08.08)
33 Festival "Les Cultures Du Monde" Gannat France (20-30.06.06)
53 Festival folkfair international - Agrigento And also performaied in53 India independence anniversary - Baxter Theatre centre - Cape town (17.08.2000).
45th raising day Royal bhutan.
The shimmering sands and contoured desolation of the Thar Desert have cradled from centuries the old folk tradition of the people of Rajasthan. The brightness of the daily life, the legends of its heroism and romance are all captured in the vibrant and evocative music of this desert land. Folk music of Rajasthan, which is rich, evocative, heroic, plaintive and joyful, comes from a tradition that is old and undisturbed.image The State of Rajasthan in India is famous for shifting sand-dunes. Camels and nomadic cattle herds. Forts and places. Water is scarce in Rajasthan and the life is a little difficult. To make up for the harshness of their surrounding,

The Rajasthan have pored out their genius in the arts and crafts, in music and dance. Encompassing the spirit of the Thar Desert, Rajasthan has been a haven of various folk art forms. A medieval history of princely states, provided patronage to these art forms and their artists. Vibrant, vigorous and graceful, the dances of Rajasthan evoke the desert in all its moods Rajasthani folk dance is performed in the true spirit of their culture and traditions. Each form of dance is performed
on the different social occasions such as bridegroom’s party, festivals, marriage and childbirth.
The Rajasthani folk Dance troop organizer and rajasthan folk music.
Folk dances:-
Kalbeliya Dance.
Peacock Dance.
Chari Nritya(dance).
Bhawai Nritya(dance).
Agni Nritya(dance).
Kachi Ghodi dance.
Gramin bhavai dance.
Kathputli (Puppet dance).
Ghoomar (dance)
Banjara-banjari dance.